Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy Training

This is a residential training course in Regression Therapy which is part of the training program for the Regression Academy.

Past Life Regression
Within each of us appears to reside the events of past lives. A migraine, chronic lower back pain or knee problem may be telling a story from an old accident or wound. A chronic sore throat may derive from strangling, hanging or choking. As the soul returns to life over and over these traumatic memories are re-created in our current life often making little sense, and keeping us from living peaceful lives. They are brought to our conscious awareness by anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, phobias, obsessions, nightmares and unexplainable physical pain. Past life regression allows us to see beyond the confusion and illusions of this life and brings about a healing of the past life that resonates into our present life.

Regression Therapy
Regression therapy covers past lives and includes current life memories some of which may be below the level of our conscious awareness. It enables the conflicts from the past that have been distorting our mental, emotional and physical well-being to be resolved. An example from the current life may be a phobia and a more complex one post traumatic stress from childhood trauma or a life threatening situation. The symptoms may include panic attacks, emotional outbursts, blocked feelings, self harm, numbness, unexplainable physical pain or recurring relationship problems. The therapy works by going to the root of the problem and includes body therapy and inner child therapy to transform it in a way that is both safe and structured. It also includes cleaning the energy field of intrusive energy which has been affecting health including spirit releasement, curses and energy fragments. Regression therapy reaches further and heals deeper at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels than most other therapeutic approaches.

Regression Therapy Training Program
Past life regression training is included in the regression therapy training course. It's accredited by the independent certifying body called the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT). It also meets the content requirements to be a professional member of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy (EARTh) which has professional regression therapists from the leading past life regression training schools across Europe. The training period is normally over a one year period.

It includes lectures, demonstrations, experiential exercises, pair work, supervision and reading.
Ideally students will be qualified in psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, psychiatry, energy healing, body work or an approved complementary therapy.

A qualification and experience using hypnosis is required. For those without, a short intensive hypnosis training workshop is offered which leads to a Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis.

Training Outline
The past life regression and regression therapy training program is 16 days and runs over 4 workshops;

Exploring a Past Life and Healing in the Spirit Realms

    - Guided imagery into a past life
    - Open and directive questions to explore a past life
    - Identifying turning and shut down points
    - Techniques to avoid a diversion when exploring a past life
    - Handling the death experience
    - Recognising and overcoming attachment to the body at death
    - Working with unfinished business from the past life
    - Techniques to find reconciliation and forgiveness in the spirit realms
    - Integration of a client's soul-fragments
    - Meditation and use of spirit helpers and guides

Bridges and Clearing Energy Blocks

    - Non hypnosis bridges to the source of a client's problem ; phrases, emotional and somatic bridges
    - Using energy scans to bridge into a past life
    - Handling a spontaneous catharsis
    - Psychodrama encounters to unfreeze blocked emotional and mental energy from a past life
    - Observing body cues and energy movements
    - Detecting unfinished business at the end of a session with an energy scan
    - Conducting a regression therapy client interview and the information to collect.
    - Client record keeping including the ethical, legal and moral considerations.

Body Therapy and Current Life Regression

    - The client interview to bridge into a current life memory or past life
    - Exploring and transforming a current life memory
    - Using body therapy to work with deep body patterns from a past life
    - When to use shamanic spirit animals for shutdowns and the loss of vital soul energy
    - Integration of a past life and current life regression into the present
    - Between therapy session assignments
    - Regression therapy contra indicators
Healing Trauma and Spirit Releasement
    - Using body therapy to clear trauma, including sexual and physical abuse
    - Handling disassociation from a trauma
    - Inner child regression
    - Detecting and releasing intrusive energy and spirit releasement
    - Setting up in practice with regression therapy

Diploma in Regression Therapy
On the successful completion of the regression therapy training program a Diploma in Regression Therapy (Dip RTh) is awarded. This enables the graduate to obtain insurance and work professionally with clients as a past life regression therapist and regression therapist They can join the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Earth Association of Regression Therapy. In addition they can join the General Hypnosis Register as a hypnotherapy practitioner

The Diploma is awarded on the skills and knowledge the student has on regression therapy. Skill assessment will be both informal and formal from observation during pair work. The full requirements are:
    Attending all the workshops covering a total of 16 days duration
    Practice sessions under supervision between workshops
    Complete all the reading and writing assignments
    Clearing personal unfinished business with regression therapy
    Supervision while working with clients until qualification
    A written summary of the sessions with 5 clients using regression therapy

The pre course reading is Healing the Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson, published by From the Heart Press and available on the internet.

Courses and Seminars
The Past Life Regression Academy offers a professional program covering hypnotherapy training, past life regression training and regression therapy training, life between lives training in Europe, Asia, Australia, Mexico and South Africa.

To register for this course please download and complete the registration form available here:

- Regression Therapy training registration form